Podcast #253 – Baby Fingers, Baby Christian

Price Cephalexin trumpfingersFor the third presidential election cycle in a row, evangelical fundamentalist Christians have failed to nominate a Republican candidate that’s a full-throated theocratic nut job (although they came close with Ted Cruz). And once again they’re faced with the daunting task of keeping themselves relevant by throwing their weight behind the inevitable candidate, no matter how odious he may be. And so, we have people like Focus Crosshairs on the Family president James Dobson declaring, with no evidence, really, that Donald Trump (he of the bloviation and baby fingers) is now a “baby Christian” who was brought to Christ “recently.” Trump himself has made laughable attempts to ingratiate himself to the fundamentalist vote, quoting “Two” Corinthians and saying his favorite Bible verse is “an eye for an eye”–the one Bible verse that Jesus explicitly refuted! Anyway, a road is being paved to give conservative Christians an path (rickety at best) to vote for Trump as one of theirs.

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