Desert Resurrection

desertresurrectionFor the last nine years, the song “To Be Dead” by the long-defunct St. Louis-based alternative rock band Body Found has provided the intro and sign-off music for the American Freethought podcast.

Did I say “long-defunct”? I meant long-dormant. In recent years, the members of Body Found (including my brother, bassist Greg Snider), have gotten together for a couple of more-or-less informal jam sessions, blowing the dust off their instruments and reminiscing about the good ol’ days. But during their most recent reunion–in Phoenix, Arizona–they gathered in a professional recording studio to record (and re-record) a new album of their original songs. The result is the album Desert Resurrection, available starting today at, iTunes and most of the other places you can download music.

About half the tracks are new interpretations of songs–including “To Be Dead”–off their one and only previous release (a self-titled and nowadays extremely hard-to-find cassette from 1992); a couple are songs they demo’d back in the day but never distributed; and a couple are original songs they performed but never recorded until now.

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