Podcast #263 – Too Faithful to Be Faithless

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In contrast, the light gray form stands out, leaving entera vulnerable to predation by birds. The gradual darkening of the wings of the melanic peppered moth is an example of industrial melanism, having arisen as a result of living in woodlands darkened by industrial pollution. A Texas member of the Electoral College has resigned rather than cast a vote for Donald Trump, stating that the president-elect is not “biblically qualified” to hold office.

http://www.peterfunch.com/?adle=Where-Can-I-Buy-Viagra-From Also in Texas, the Republican-controlled government is implementing a new regulation requiring abortion clinics to dispose of fetal tissue only via cremation or burial. They cite health and public safety concerns, but offer no explanation as to how such tissue differs from other medical waste like removed organs, amputated limbs, etc. in terms of its danger to the community.

Neem Oil Home Depot Price Finally, Donald Trump has selected Georgia Congressman Tom Price as his Secretary of Health and Human Services. Yes, an anti-abortion, anti-gay, anti-regulation, anti-global warming, anti-Obamacare crusader will be in charge of the nation’s healthcare system.

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