The Last Hangover

If you’ve got 45 minutes to spare and want to bolster your chances of going straight to hell, you could do worse than watching the new Netflix-distributed comedy short “The Last Hangover.” This Brazilian production (in Portuguese–I assume–with English subtitles) is a cross between The Hangover and every overly serious Biblical epic you’ve ever seen.

In this reimagining of the Last Supper, Jesus’ final meal is less a Passover celebration and more a going away party. (One of the running gags is that the Disciples are too busy partying to pay much attention to what Jesus is trying to tell them, so that every time Jesus reminds the Disciples he’s going to die, it comes as a surprise to one or another of them. At one point somebody quips, “Never mind. We’ll write it down later.”)

The jokes come fast and furious, alternatively sly and painfully corny. In any event, it’s blasphemously goofy fun, and guaranteed to give your granny a heart attack.

Heck, make it a double feature! You can watch this and the hilarious “Fist of Jesus” (a Spanish short in which Jesus half-asses the raising of Lazarus and unwittingly starts a zombie apocalypse) in a single evening.


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