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Podcast #270 – Catherine Nixey (The Darkening Age)

I interview Catherine Nixey about her new book The Darkening Age: The Christian Destruction of the Classical World, which explores how the early Christians, once they gained power, did everything they could to eliminate the architectural, artistic and literary heritage … Continue reading

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What I’m Reading: When I Spoke in Tongues

For those interested in reading along with me, I’ve just started Jessica Wilbanks’ When I Spoke in Tongues: A Story of Faith and Its Loss. I’ll likely discuss it in some detail during a future podcast, so if you want to … Continue reading

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Podcast #269 – Seven Types of Atheism

I discuss John Gray’s latest book, a critique of 21st century mainstream secularism. Gray argues that Western liberalism is just Christianity warmed over, and it’s wrong anyway. Plus: It’s Darwin Day! We celebrate the 210th birthday of Charles Darwin. Valentine’s … Continue reading

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