John C. Snider has long been active in the atheist community. He is a member of American Atheists, the American Humanist Association, and the Atlanta Freethought Society (where he also served on the Board of Directors). He’s a Humanist Celebrant endorsed by the Humanist Society to officiate at weddings and other ceremonies. He started the blog in late 2007 and co-hosted the American Freethought podcast with his friend David Driscoll until 2016. From 2000-2010, Snider was the publisher/editor of, a popular and critically acclaimed online science fiction magazine. Snider’s nonfiction work has appeared in Skeptic, Secular Nation, Philosophy Now, and INsite Atlanta, as well as the classroom resource Introducing Issues with Opposing Viewpoints – UFOs and the interview anthology Conversations with Octavia Butler. Snider is married and lives in metro Atlanta.

David Driscoll grew up in Northern Maine in an environment where he felt free from religious bigotry. He also lived in several cities as an adult, including Los Angeles. He would have been content to live and let live if he had not experienced “in your face” religion when he landed in Atlanta, Georgia. Driscoll decided to get involved in the movement to promote reason over righteousness when the Governor of his adopted state held a prayer vigil for rain on the capitol steps. David helped organize the placement of the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s “Imagine no Religion” billboard in Atlanta, and started the American Freethought Podcast with co-host John C. Snider. Driscoll was also the founding host of the Secular World podcast. He lives in Virginia with his wife Vonda.

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