get link Welcome to American Freethought.

http://redapplewellness.net/?pharm=Buy-Levitra-Online-In-Usa&ba9=6e What’s this all about? Look up “freethinker” in a dictionary, and you’ll find a definition that goes something like this:  [One who] forms opinions on the basis of reason independent of authority; esp: one who doubts or denies religious dogma.

click Fair enough. The purpose of American Freethought is to serve freethinkers of every stripe: atheists, agnostics, skeptics, secular humanists, brights, rationalists, or whatever else you wish to call yourselves. This publication casts a wide net. In addition to perennial concerns like reason vs. religion and separation of church and state, it will also cover topics that any thoughtful reader should find interesting: science, politics, philosophy, the arts, and social issues.

follow You will find no agenda beyond promoting reasoned discourse as the best method for understanding reality and deciding how to live. This is not an activist publication per se, nor is it a mouthpiece for any political party or special interest group.

go here Bear with us as this site develops – we emphasize content over format; nonetheless, suggestions and constructive criticisms are welcome. If you have a talent with graphic/web design, wish to become a contributor, or wish to donate podcast content (including audio essays and “podsafe” bumper music), please contact us at john (at) americanfreethought.com.

http://necmgr.org/?poga=Cheap-Super-Generic-Cialis&3d6=af –John C. Snider

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  1. Mattie says:

    Off Label Uses For Minipress Thank you so much for this interesting website! I was raised a christian but was never as devout as many people wanted me to be… freethinker or not, I have really enjoyed reading this blog.

  2. follow url Thank you for your comments on R. Kirby Godsey’s Is God a Christian? What a refreshing review! The balanced intelligence in your writing allows readers to build our own informed perspectives.

    go to site As we approach the 10th anniversary of 9/11, our understanding for peace needs a jumpstart. Is God a Christian? challenges Christians to embrace a God wide enough for all God’s children, regardless of religious doctrine. Written with a believer’s pen, the book probes the artificial boundaries religions create among peoples of faith, explores the wisdoms and challenges of 7 world religions, and tracks 7 common threads in religions today. The book closes by calling readers to action to create community conversations for peace for it is through listening and talking freely with each other that relationships will flourish. A study guide is posted on the website, http://www.isgodachristian.com.

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