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Rick Perry is Strong. Bullshit Strong.

Good grief. Rick Perry is losing support among likely Republican voters, polling just ahead of herpes Rick Santorum. What’s a fella to do? Why, play the religion card, of course! Here’s “Strong,” the new TV ad he’s running in Iowa. … Continue reading

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Clarifying myths about atheists

Wow. You need to read “Atheists misunderstood in US, but don’t need to remain silent,” written by Brandon Givens and published in the Gainesville Times. Despite the clunky title, it’s one of the clearest, most succinct defenses of atheism I’ve … Continue reading

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Bachmann says j/k about Irene

Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has taken a lot of heat over her claim that Hurricane Irene and the September 23 Earthquake were God’s message to Washington. At a recent campaign stop, Bachmann said, “I don’t know how much God … Continue reading

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Hubbard’s great grandson speaks

The last book I finished reading was Janet Reitman’s fantastic book Inside Scientology, an objective but unflinching look at the legacy of L. Ron Hubbard. By coincidence, someone pointed me to this video on YouTube. It’s true that Hubbard, either … Continue reading

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The crazies come out for God

When the crazies come out of the woodwork, you can almost bet they have one thing on their minds.  Atheism?  God?  Let’s take a look… As if we haven’t had enough of air piracy in the last ten years… Rageh … Continue reading

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Should Alabama sue Texas over the recent tornadoes?

Follow this logic.  Last month, Texas Governor Rick Perry proclaimed Easter weekend (April 22-24) as “Days of Prayer for Rain in the State of Texas.”  Never mind the blatant unconstitutionality and foolish superstition of this stunt: Perry claims, with a … Continue reading

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Podcast #122 – Robert M. Price on the Book of Revelation

We wrap up our extended look at the Book of Revelation with an interview with Dr. Robert M. Price, theologian and author of (among other books) The Reason Driven Life. For more about Dr. Price visit his official website: … Continue reading

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Bin Laden is dead but I’m not celebrating. Much.

It’s a pretty big deal that fate/justice/American special-ops finally caught up with Osama bin Laden.  While I’m not exactly sad to see him gone, I also don’t find the death of another human being a reason to celebrate.  His destruction … Continue reading

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Paris, Oddly Enough (Part 8: Cinq Ans d’Amour)

On this day in 2006, I married the most beautiful, most intelligent woman in the world. That’s right–Allison has put up with me for FIVE YEARS (and that doesn’t count the three years before that when we were dating, co-habitating … Continue reading

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What we should do about Libya

Nothing. Please, please, please President Obama–learn from the lessons of history.  Involving ourselves in the situation in Libya is lose-lose for us all down the line.  For one thing, it should be up to the Libyans to get rid of … Continue reading

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