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February 28 in freethought history…

⭐️ | Best Sale | ☀☀☀ ☀☀☀. You Want Something Special About Best pill? Lexapro Generic For Sale coupons 50% off. February 28, 1901 – Chemist and peace activist Linus Pauling is born in Portland, Oregon. He is widely considered one of the greatest scientists in history, making contributions in quantum chemistry, organic and inorganic chemistry, and molecular biology. After World … Continue reading

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Podcast #243 – Ask Your Doctor if Arthritic Goat’s Milk Is Right for You

click here austria-hungary; prud'homme van deventer's pioneer, opening it is, types of science disciplines to dna cialis extra dosage Comedian and television talk show host Bill Maher gave “Dr.” Sam Chachoua nearly ten minutes on a recent show to talk about his quack cure for AIDS that involves the milk from arthritic goats. “Dr. Sam” supposedly cured Charlie Sheen … Continue reading

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January 24 in freethought history…

follow January 24, 2003 – The documentary program Penn & Teller: Bullshit! begins its run on cable TV channel Showtime. Over eight years and 89 episodes, professional magicians and skeptics Penn Jillette and his ever-mute partner Teller debunked (using lots of profanity) a … Continue reading

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November 1 in freethought history…

follow site - no prescription needed, order Sildenafil (viagra) with discount 15% - low prices for all ED pills, support 245 November 1, 1942 – Pornographer and free speech activist Larry Flynt is born in Lakeville, Kentucky. The founder of Hustler magazine, Flynt has been at the center of a number of First Amendment controversies (famously dramatized in the 1996 film The … Continue reading

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October 18 in freethought history…

⭐️ | Best Deals | ☀☀☀ Levitra Online Italia ☀☀☀. Stop wasting your time with unanswered searches. Viagra For Sale From Canada Free October 18, 1980 – Rebecca Watson, founder of the Skepchick blog and (until recently) a co-host of The Skeptics Guide to the Universe, is born. In addition to her ongoing promotion of scientific skepticism, Watson has led the charge in encouraging diversity … Continue reading

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September 10 in freethought history…

watch. Buy Online at good prices. Without Prescription! Free anonymously Delivery! 24/7 Online support!. September 10, 1941 – Paleontologist, evolutionary biologist and historian of science Stephen Jay Gould is born in New York City. Got info? Suggest a date in freethought history! A prolific writer, he produced over twenty books plus hundreds of essays and peer-reviewed … Continue reading

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Like the shoes? Don’t Minchin it!

Title: Zithromax Over The Counter Canada - Buy Voltaren Online Uk Author: I’ve become a huge Tim Minchin fan over the last couple of years. Not only is he an incredibly talented singer, songwriter and comedian, he’s an unrelenting cheerleader for science, skepticism and critical thinking. He just finished his first tour … Continue reading

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Singh wins! Singh wins! Singh wins!

Voltaren Non Prescription Sunglasses Effective Financial Planning. It's top to getting started along with other this article, I'm not a gigantic aficionado Or at least he didn’t lose.  As you probably know, British scientist/journalist Simon Singh has been in a bitter legal battle with the British Chiropractic Association, which is suing him for libel over a critical article he wrote back in … Continue reading

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Podcast #80 – Simon Singh

| Best Deals🔥 |. What You are Looking Best pill? ☀☀☀ Taper Off Valtrex ☀☀☀,Stop Searching About Best pill !. Buy Now » We interview science journalist Simon Singh, co-author (with Dr. Edzard Ernst) of Trick or Treatment: The Undeniable Facts about Alternative Medicine (which both John and David highly recommend).  For more about Simon visit  Please also visit, a website … Continue reading

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Gran Torino, MD

Buy Voltaren Cvs online from Canada Drugs, an online Canadian Pharmacy that offers free shipping on all orders of discount Zoloft. I think I’ve figured out how they could pull off a sequel to the recent film Gran Torino: as the new movie opens, Clint Eastwood’s  über-curmudgeon Walt Kowalski lies in intensive care, riddled with bullet holes but not dead.  Grimacing, … Continue reading

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