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Superstition: Belief in the Age of Science

If you were intrigued by my recent review of Bruce M. Hood’s SuperSense, you’ll want to read what the UK’s David Gardiner has to say about Robert L. Park’s new book Superstition: Belief in the Age of Science (available at … Continue reading

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Guidestones update

Gary Jones, publisher of the Elberton Star (the local newspaper of Elberton, Georgia), informs me that the Georgia Guidestones, a regional curiosity and recent target of vandalism by anti-New World Order whackjobs, “have been cleaned and are almost ‘good as … Continue reading

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Wired on the Georgia Guidestones

You may recall we talked about the mysterious Georgia Guidestones during our special live podcast at last year’s Dragon*Con.  Now Wired magazine’s Randall Sullivan has written a thorough account of the history of this strange Peach State landmark. (In a … Continue reading

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Review by John C. Snider Is the tide changing in the struggle between science and religion?  For the last four hundred years (give or take a few decades), science has been content to challenge the claims of religion (and it’s … Continue reading

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Creflo Dollar: liar or dupe?

Creflo Dollar tells his credulous flock about Drilling to Hell (literally).  Thanks to American Freethought fan Bob (whom we met at last week’s American Atheists convention) for passing along this tidbit, and thanks to David for his research.  It made … Continue reading

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OT: Scary Gary

This might be a little off-topic, but I thought you guys might get a kick out of this recent Scary Gary strip.  Scary Gary is about a vampire who retires from a life of bloodsucking and moves to the ‘burbs … Continue reading

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Phil “The Pundit” Plait on

Have you people not had enough of Phil Plait of late?  Nay?  Then check out his recent appearance at (one of my favorite sites for detailed punditry).  Good job, Phil!

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Photos from Atlanta SkeptiCamp

Here are a few photos from last weekend’s very first Atlanta SkeptiCamp!  I thought it was all very cool: volunteers gave presentations on a mindbending number of topics, including 10 questions every skeptic will hear; an investigation into a popular … Continue reading

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140 Years of UFO Photos

I stumbled across this interesting gallery of photos (one dating back to 1870!) from and don’t forget Part II).  Am I a hopeless skeptic if I say I find none of these pictures convincing?

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