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Dan Courtney delivers secular invocation in Greece, NY

In the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s disastrous Greece v Galloway ruling (which stated that local governments can begin meetings with overtly Christian prayers, and need not seek out minority representation), secular activists have been lining up to “get in … Continue reading

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Can Muslims be assimilated in America? (Part 2 of 2)

For those Muslims who wish to be peaceful, productive members of Western culture (and I believe that’s the vast majority of them), we don’t make it easy. As Arun Kundnani details in his new book The Muslims Are Coming! Islamophobia, … Continue reading

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Take the Cannoli–Leave the Mezuzah

Things are crazy lately. We just closed on a new house, and we’re prepping the old house for sale. My apologies for not being as diligent with the blog in recent weeks. But… When we first did a walk-through of … Continue reading

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Terry Jones burns Quran

Remember Terry Jones, the handle-barred nutjob from Florida who raised a global ruckus when he threatened to burn a Quran on the 9th anniversary of 9/11?  He’s at it again, or rather he was at it.  After laying low for … Continue reading

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LDN Technical for remote PC tune-ups

I’m a notorious tight-ass.  Ask my wife.  I’ve got a Inspiron E1705 that’s four or five years old, and over the last couple of months it’s been getting slower and sssllllooooowwwwwweeeeeeerrrrrrrr.  But I’d like to put off getting another computer … Continue reading

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Podcast Alley Feed

My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-dfba24b72f4ddac1fca55570ac0486b2}

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