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April 12 in freethought history…

April 12, 1961 – Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin becomes the first human being in space and the first to orbit the earth. Contrary to popular belief, Gagarin, who kept his Christian faith under wraps to avoid antagonizing Communist authorities, did … Continue reading

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July 5 in freethought history…

July 5, 1998 – X-Day, proclaimed by the Church of the Subgenius as the day the alien “Xists” from the Planet X would arrive to destroy the earth (but not before their UFOs whisked away the faithful for union with … Continue reading

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Podcast #199 – Blood Moon

We look at the controversy in some Christian circles regarding the recent “blood moon” lunar eclipse. Is it a sign of the End Times? (Probably not.) Plus: Parents in Oviedo, Florida claim a public school teacher stopped their kindergartener from … Continue reading

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Podcast #186 – IS the Pope Catholic?

Seriously, IS the Pope Catholic? We look at several eyebrow-raising comments about atheists, homosexuals and women made by still-new-at-the job Pope Francis. Does he really intend to steer the church in a fresh direction, or is he just employing soothing … Continue reading

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Podcast #158 – Endowed by Our Creator

We interview Michael Meyerson, author of Endowed by Our Creator: The Birth of Religious Freedom in America, an analysis of church-and-state from Colonial times through the presidency of James Madison. For more information visit For the full show notes … Continue reading

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Podcast #132 – The Illogical Immortality of 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

As the world observes the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, we talk to GA Tech professor Bob Blaskiewicz about the puzzling longevity of some of the conspiracy theories. Bob has spent considerable time delving into the nature and … Continue reading

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Podcast #127 – Atlanta Skepticamp Trivia Challenge

This is an encore presentation of the Atlanta Skepticamp Trivia Challenge, presented by John C. Snider on Sunday, June 12th. We thought our listeners might want to take a whack at these questions and see how they do. Thanks to … Continue reading

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Was Westboro Baptist bum-rushed in Brandon, MS?

The following account has been circulating on message boards and opinion pages lately. It concerns an alleged encounter between the despicable Westboro Baptist Church (of “God Hates Fags” fame) and the citizens of Brandon, Mississippi. The occasion was the April … Continue reading

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America’s True History of Religious Tolerance

Here’s an excellent article from Smithsonian magazine looking at the myth of America’s longstanding tradition of tolerance of religious diversity.  I’ve said before that, if you really look into the early history of this country, you’ll see that the First … Continue reading

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Rest easy: Mohammad existed

Radio Netherlands Worldwide just posted a curious article: the historical evidence supports the proposition that Mohammad existed.  Frankly, I wasn’t aware that there was any significant controversy over the historicity of Mohammad.  Sure, a great deal (if not most) of … Continue reading

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