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14 Responses to Contact

  1. skyler bexten says:

    go I’ve recently begun to listen to your podcasts. So far, I’m only on #9, and I love them. I’m a teenager who considers himself a freethinker. Your podcasts are supportive, in the sense that there are other people like me who aren’t devoted to religion. Thank you!

  2. celexa reviews yahoo Skyler,

    Can You Get High Off Celebrex 200 Mg Good to hear from you–and thanks for listening to the podcast! Those first half dozen shows were a little rough, but I think we’ve improved. :) Happy listening!

  3. Michael Wear says:

    Nizoral Cost Canada Hi Guys: I love the show. I am a gay listener and I agree that your podcast is totally gay friendly, like all of the atheist podcasts, and that I was not offended at all by you Marcus Bachmann remarks. In fact I agree with you completely and hypocrites like him need to be exposed and called out. I knew where you were coming from and I got it. Thanks.

  4. Michael Wear says: Hi Guys. Love the show and I love Secular World. I am a gay listener and I was not at all offended by the Marcus Bachmann remarks you made. I agree with you. Hypocrites like him need to be exposed and called out. I thought the way you said what you said was amusing. I got it. You and all of the atheist podcasts are totally gay friendly and I appreciate it.

  5. Valara says:

    Propecia Price At Cvs Just started listening and I really enjoy your podcast. Helps pass the time engaging myself while I work my mostly mindless data entry job. Thanks for the content!

  6. Lisa says:

    source site Are you on vacation? I just started listening to and enjoying your podcast and then you went dark. Please come back.

  7. Lisa,

    We had to switch our podcast feed to a new host. If you visit the home page there are instructions on how to get the new feed.

  8. Ray Mazur says:

    I’ve been downloading your podcasts to iTunes then to my iPod to listen to in the car. Have been downloading them without problems until recently.
    Starting with #44 and thereafter, clicking on the FREE button does not download the podcast.
    You have a very interesting and professionally respectful presentation.
    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated

  9. Ray, the old podcast feed got disrupted. Here’s the new feed.

    Unfortunately, for now nothing earlier than podcast 132 is available.

    Thanks for listening!


  10. Raj A. Badeau says:

    Thank you very much for the insightful and thought-provoking podcasts. I listen to every episode religiously!

  11. Chris N Wright says:

    Really enjoying the ‘bostin’ podcast and website
    – interviews are entertaining and professional
    – Bible readings :heard Revelation which was terrifying -and- inane at the same time
    – geo focus mainly east coast USA : could this be expanded ? UK ?
    – I cant get early podcasts : can you help?
    You are doing a great job in a country with far too much religion.

    Chris Wright

  12. Mark Corley says:

    Hey, guys.
    I love the show. Thanks for all the work you do.
    I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know the congressman who questioned whether Guam would capsize was not a Republican, as stated on the last podcast. Sadly, it was Hank Johnson (D-GA).
    Thanks again for the show.

  13. dave says:

    Chris Hedges has written two books of interest to atheists, one bashing far right xtian fundamentalists and another bashing what could be considered far right atheists. His arguments regarding how Harris, Hitchens and Dawkins could be compared to the xtian far right seemed compelling. I’d be curious as to your opinions.

  14. Sean Slater says:

    Hi Guys.

    After listening to this week’s podcast, I saw this article that same day and immediately remembered your comments about the historical Tour de France:

    Many years ago I read this interesting (and very funny) book on the subject. A strictly amateur cyclist follows the route of the tour and writes about it:

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