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8. writers workshop college essay prompts Collected Writings by Thomas Paine (pub. from 1776 to 1806) – Paine (1736-1809) is credited with coining the term “United States of America” and was one of the most influential of the Founding Fathers.  His writings include “Common Sense” “The American Crisis,” “Rights of Man,” and “The Age of Reason.”

9. www essaywritingonline com Letter to a Christian Nation by Sam Harris (2006) – Harris’s one-volley-fits-all response to the firestorm of condemnation he received from religious Americans in the wake of The End of Faith.

10.  best essay writers uk Why People Believe Weird Things by Michael Shermer (1997) – A book equally useful to traditional skeptics as well as atheists.

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11. what format should i write my college essay in The Bible According to Mark Twain – Novelist and social commentator Mark Twain wrote several wickedly satirical pieces on religion, including “Letters from the Earth” and “The Diaries of Adam and Eve.”  Many participants in this survey mentioned one of the other of these pieces, and luckily they’re collected–along with similarly themed works–in this volume from the University of Georgia Press.

12.  boston tea party essay help Breaking the Spell help homework school secondary : Religion as a Natural Phenomenon by Daniel Dennett (2006)

13. school essays help Flim-Flam! by James Randi (1982) – A classic work of skepticism by master magician (and founder of the James Randi Educational Institute), with an introduction by no less than Isaac Asimov.

14. academic essay writers reviews Losing Faith in Faith by Dan Barker (1992) – The atheist movement features a number of leaders who were former ministers or seminary students, but Dan Barker–founder of the Freedom from Religion Foundation–is surely the most famous.

15. need help writing essays The Qur’an (critically read) – No one can doubt the rising influence of Islam in the world today, and no one can creditably wade into the arena without at least a fair understanding of Islam’s core text.  As with the Bible, it’s nearly impossible to find a decent objective study version of The Qur’an.  Dedicated readers should supplement their understanding by reading Reza Aslan, Irshad Manji and others.  There’s also The Cambridge Companion to the Qu’ran.  For an interesting spin by reform-minded Muslims, check out The Qur’an: A Reformist Translation.

16.  admin homework help On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin (1859) – Arguably, no other book has had a more profound impact on science, and no other book is more of a lightning rod for 21st century fundamentalists.  (There are less expensive editions, but we can’t help recommending The Illustrated Edition).

17. high quality custom essays Godless by Dan Barker (2008)

18.  anatomy of criticism four essays download Freethinkers: A History of American Secularism by Susan Jacoby (2004) – From Thomas Paine to Madalyn Murray O’Hair.

19.  ghost writing service Atheism: The Case Against God by George H. Smith (1980)

20. cons of essay edge service Forbidden Fruit essay proofreading service australia : The Ethics of Secularism by Paul Kurtz (1988) – From the founder of the Council for Secular Humanism, the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, the Center for Inquiry, and Prometheus Books (which published several of the suggestions above).  Kurtz has written many books, but this is the one most frequently mentioned by participants in this survey.

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