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Podcast #204 – Whatever You Do, Don’t Marry an Atheist

A recent Pew Research poll shows that Americans express a (perhaps not so) surprising unhappiness at the prospect of an immediate family member marrying an atheist. Plus: The Secular Coalition of America has fired executive director Edwina Rogers, after just … Continue reading

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Introducing Dr. Frans de Waal

On Sunday, September 1st, I had the honor of introducing Dr. Frans de Waal as part of this year’s Decatur Book Festival. Dr. de Waal, you may remember, is a primatologist who has written several books for general audiences, most … Continue reading

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Wolf, Wolf, Wolf

Never bring a knife to a gun fight. And never ask somebody on-air about God unless you’re sure they’re not an atheist: It coulda been worse. She could have said she thanked God for sending the killer tornado so that … Continue reading

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Atheists still at the bottom with voters

Oy.  A new Gallup poll asked potential voters about how their views of qualified presidential candidates would be affected by various incidental demographic qualities.  The question was: “If your party nominated a generally well-qualified person for president, who happened to … Continue reading

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OK, if you’re an atheist…

…don’t do what this guy did.  He’s Timothy Brown, a 37-year-old husband and father from Ipswich, England.  This self-described atheist was recently arrested after pursuing a year-long campaign to convert his neighbor away from Christianity.  He did this by vandalizing … Continue reading

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