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Mike Huckabee: Mendacious Huckster

The presidential election isn’t for another year and a half, but already a rogues gallery of challengers to Barack Obama are already putting their toes in the water.  Even the twice-divorced, massively low-popularity-polling Newt Gingrich is thinking of running.  Who … Continue reading

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Obama disappoints (again) at NPB

The news from Egypt overshadowed everything else today, but… President Obama spoke yet again at the infamous National Prayer Breakfast, the only public event organized by the organization known as “the Family,” a group that seeks to co-opt the American … Continue reading

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Obama disappoints at NPB

It’s disappointing that President Obama would attend the National Prayer Breakfast at all.  The NPB is organized, you may already know, by “the Family”–a secretive and power-hungry cult that attracts congressmen (as well as international totalitarians and fascists) with their … Continue reading

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Obama’s Cairo Speech

I’m pressed for time today, but there’s lots I would like to say about President Obama’s speech in Cairo.  If you missed it, here’s a link to the text of the speech, which includes embedded analysis by a BBC commentator.

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Obama says “America not a Christian nation”…

…and in front of foreigners, no less.  At a joint news conference in Turkey with Turkish president Abdullah Gül yesterday, Barack Obama said: “Although…we have a large Christian population, we do not consider ourselves a Christian nation, or a Jewish … Continue reading

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The Stem Cell Wars have only begun

No sooner does President Barack Obama lift certain restrictions on stem cell research funding, than Georgia Republicans introduce a bill that will restrict such research in my adopted home state.  From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

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Meet the new boss…

…(hopefully not) the same as the old boss.  Despite the waves of adulation for our new President still washing over the land, it seems appropriate to quote the lyrics of the classic song by The Who: I’ll tip my hat … Continue reading

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Judge rejects inaugural lawsuit

This is no surpise.  “A federal judge on Thursday refused to order the words ‘so help me God’ taken out of President-elect Barack Obama‘s oath of office next week or to prevent ministers from praying at the inauguration celebration.”  Even … Continue reading

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Gay bishop to speak at Obama event

According to an Associated Press article, “The first openly gay Episcopal bishop will say a prayer at the Lincoln Memorial for one of President-elect Barack Obama‘s first inauguration events.”

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Hitchens on Rick Warren

Christopher Hitchens delivers his latest blast of nontheistic spleen-venting against Rick Warren (who will offer up the invocation at Barack Obama’s inauguration).  Leave it to ol’ Hitch to come up with phrases like “happy-slappy Sunday ‘Churchianity’ mega-feel-good fiestas.”

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