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February 4 in freethought history…

February 4, 341 BCE – According to ancient sources, the Greek philosopher Epicurus is born on this date (10 Gamelion of the old Attic calendar). Although little of his written work survives, fragments of his proto-scientific treatise On Nature. Epicurus is … Continue reading

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November 27 in freethought history…

November 27, 1955 – Science educator Bill Nye is born in Washington, DC. He is best known for his children’s show Bill Nye the Science Guy, which aired from 1993-1998. He is the Executive Director of The Planetary Society, a … Continue reading

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Podcast #195 – Ham-on-Nye Recap

We analyze the recent Bill Nye/Ken Ham debate on the scientific viability of Creationism. While we’re at it, we discuss the new HBO documentary Questioning Darwin and Kevin Jackson’s e-book Darwin’s Odyssey: The Voyage of the Beagle (available for Kindle). And … Continue reading

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The Ham-Nye Debate will be Live Streamed

For those interested in the February 4th debate between Bill Nye (The Science Guy) and Ken Ham (founder of the Creation Museum), it will be available via live streaming at DebateLive.org. Registration (providing an email address) is required, but free. … Continue reading

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