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The Year in Religion

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Bob Wright on the Behe Brouhaha: Mea Culpa

I know I’ve posted about this a couple of times before, but this onion keeps growing new layers.  Over the weekend, bloggingheads.tv Robert Wright (The Evolution of God) posted a conversation with science journalist George Johnson, in which Wright offers … Continue reading

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More fallout from the Behe bloggingheads.tv brouhaha

How to deal with Creationists and Intelligent Design proponents?  It’s a bit of a Catch-22: one the one hand, unless we consistently, frequently and forcefully confront their nonsense, we might give them free rein to convince the general public that … Continue reading

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The Behe brouhaha at bloggingheads.tv

Boy, what a soap opera this has turned out to be. Late last week, linguist and conservative pundit John McWhorter recorded a segment for bloggingheads.tv (bhTV) with Michael “Irreducible Complexity” Behe.   A credulous–even gushing–McWhorter, who is a self-admitted nonbeliever, … Continue reading

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Religiosity Rematch

Here’s Part 2 of the conversation between artificial intelligence researcher Eliezer Yudkowsky and astronomer Adam Frank about the compatibility (or lack thereof) between science and religion.  Check out Part 1 from March (which Yudkowsky won hands-down, IMHO) right here.

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Conservative Atheists?

I attended a private reception last weekend in the aftermath of the American Atheists National Convention, and there met several fellow nonbelievers from various parts of the country.  A proposition arose to the effect that “atheists, by definition, can’t be … Continue reading

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Phil “The Pundit” Plait on bloggingheads.tv

Have you people not had enough of Phil Plait of late?  Nay?  Then check out his recent appearance at bloggingheads.tv (one of my favorite sites for detailed punditry).  Good job, Phil!

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Skeptoid on bloggingheads.tv

Whee!  A skeptic on bloggingheads.tv!  If you haven’t checked out bloggingheads.tv (co-founded by Robert Wright, author of The Moral Animal) yet, I highly recommend it (although, the video version can be a real time-waster; best to opt for the audio-only … Continue reading

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