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Podcast #138 – War on Christmas Special 2011

We share our Top Five Holiday Gifts for Nonbelievers. Plus: Critics say Obama didn’t have enough god-talk in his Thanksgiving address; Georgia might mandate “In God We Trust” on all license plates; and the Pope claims that pedophilia isn’t just … Continue reading

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Podcast #123 – Study on US Catholic Child Abuse

Assuming the world hasn’t come to an end or that you haven’t been Raptured away… The US Catholic Church reveals The Causes and Context of Sexual Abuse of Minors by Catholic Priests in the United States, 1950-2010, a study into the causes … Continue reading

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The Pope ain’t so dope (but then we knew that already, didn’t we?)

Information about the Catholic Church’s worldwide, decades-long cover-up of priestly abuse of children is emerging so often and so quickly, I could spend my whole time on this blog just trying to stay abreast.  Fortunately, Yahoo! News has a pretty … Continue reading

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Exorcist/child-abuser scot-free in GA

Another perfect example of religion as a cover for insanity and criminal behavior.  Read this article and tell me that, had the mother’s excuse been “I’m performing a ritual in the name of the High Folderol,” or “Instead of taking … Continue reading

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Nigerians call for conference against witch-hunting

This is very encouraging news.  Leo Ingwe of the Nigerian Humanist Movement has issued a call for papers for the “National Conference on Witch-hunts, Christian Fundamentalism, and Child Abuse” (you gotta love that they lumped these three topics together).  The … Continue reading

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