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Podcast #221 – Dollars for Dollar

Prosperity con-man Creflo Dollar is asking his followers for $60 million so he can buy a new luxury jet. Apparently souls can’t be saved using business class. Meanwhile… Thomas Dunn, a member of the Leesburg, Virginia town council, apparently downplays … Continue reading

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Podcast #154 – Snake Handling Preacher Dies Handling Snake

Well, here’s a surprise. Snake-handling preacher Mark Wolford died after being bitten by a snake he was handling. Just like his daddy before him. Qu’ran-burning preacher Terry Jones is in the news again–this time for hanging President Obama in effigy … Continue reading

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Creflo Dollar: liar or dupe?

Creflo Dollar tells his credulous flock about Drilling to Hell (literally).  Thanks to American Freethought fan Bob (whom we met at last week’s American Atheists convention) for passing along this tidbit, and thanks to David for his research.  It made … Continue reading

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Podcast #13 – The Grassley Hearings

The Grassley Hearings – We look at the six megaministries under investigation by Senator Charles Grassley, including Atlanta’s Creflo Dollar (hear an interview with “Doctor” Dollar here).  This story is still in its early stages, so we will keep you … Continue reading

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