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The Ham-Nye Debate will be Live Streamed

For those interested in the February 4th debate between Bill Nye (The Science Guy) and Ken Ham (founder of the Creation Museum), it will be available via live streaming at DebateLive.org. Registration (providing an email address) is required, but free. … Continue reading

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Podcast #24 – Saddleback Forum

Saddleback Civil Forum – On August 16, presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain appeared on stage together at Saddleback Church to be questioned by Pastor Rick “Purpose Driven” Warren.  We analyze their performance, especially on matters of church-and-state.  But … Continue reading

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No Science Debate (yet), but…

…Lord knows we’ve haven’t heard enough about the candidates’ religion!  Really, I can’t think of the last time McCain or Obama muttered something about the Savior or their faith-walk.

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