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Webster Cook Deposed

University of Central Florida student senator Webster Cook, who sparked a furor a few weeks ago by making off with a Eucharist during an on-campus Catholic Mass, has been removed from office after a committee hearing.  While I hate to … Continue reading

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Webster Cook Speaks

Webster Cook, the University of Central Florida student at the center of the Eucharist controversy, gives his version of events on Freethought Radio.  Here’s the link.

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Podcast #22 – PZ Myers

PZ Myers – We talk to the University of Minnesota Morris biologist and author of the popular science blog Pharyngula [scienceblogs.com/pharyngula].  Dr. Myers is an atheist whose outspokenness often raises the hackles of fundamentalists.  His recent missives on the controversy … Continue reading

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Crackers of Manufactured Outrage

To protest university funding of on-campus religious services, University of Central Florida Student Senator Webster Cook “stole” a Eucharist during a Mass on June 29th.  Drilling down to Cook’s precise motives and exactly what happened can get complicated, but there’s … Continue reading

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