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Vatican exorcist calls yoga and Harry Potter evil

So…a guy who says, with a straight face, that demons inhabit the bodies of the living and can be cast out with a bunch of Latin mumb0-jumbo and flinging of special water, thinks that Harry Potter and yoga are evil. … Continue reading

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GA college “exorcist” removed from school post

Nathan Mallory, the junior at north Georgia’s Berry College who performed an “exorcism” on a fellow student (and later bragged about it), has been removed from his position as a resident hall adviser by the school.  The young woman on … Continue reading

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North Georgia craziness

A couple of incidents close to home have come to my attention.  Most recently, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported on an incident at Berry College (in the north Georgia city of Rome), where junior Nathan Mallory claimed to have exorcised a … Continue reading

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Exorcist/child-abuser scot-free in GA

Another perfect example of religion as a cover for insanity and criminal behavior.  Read this article and tell me that, had the mother’s excuse been “I’m performing a ritual in the name of the High Folderol,” or “Instead of taking … Continue reading

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