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April 18 in freethought history…

April 18, 1857 - Attorney and civil rights activist Clarence Darrow is born in Kinsman, Ohio. He is best known for leading the defense in famous 20th-century cases like Leopold and Loeb and the so-called Scopes Monkey Trial. Darrow was active … Continue reading

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Ben Stein loses NYT gig, grip on reality

Ben “Bueller…Bueller…” Stein has been let go from his biweekly gig writing a financial column for the New York Times, ostensibly because of his commercial work for a website called FreeScore.com and the associated (perceived?) conflict of interest.  Now, normally … Continue reading

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Podcast #37 – Year-End Wrap-Up

As we look forward to 2009, we take a moment to review the success and progress of the American Freethought Podcast in 2008.  What was our best episode?  What could we have done better? We also unveil a new contest … Continue reading

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Podcast #34 – Mel Lipman

Interview with Mel Lipman (approx. 42 minutes into the show), president of the American Humanist Association (and, incidentally, the father of Lori Lipman Brown, lobbyist for the Secular Coalition for American, whom we talked to in podcast #23).  We talk … Continue reading

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Maher’s Religulous Approaches $7M

Comedian/pundit Bill Maher’s anti-religion documentary Religulous topped $6.7M at the end of its second weekend of release, expanding from 502 screens to 568.  (For those keeping score, Ben Stein’s creationist apologetic Expelled earned $7.7M in eight weeks on over 1,000 … Continue reading

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Podcast #18 – The Catholic Church

The Catholic Church – We provide an overview on the good, the bad and the crazy aspects of the Roman Catholic Church.  Purgatory.  Limbo.  Whatever. Ben Stein – The frontman for the anti-science documentary Expelled opens his mouth and removes … Continue reading

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Podcast #16 – Expelled

Expelled – We discuss Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, the new crock-umentary starring Ben Stein.  For a thorough critique of Expelled, visit Expelled Exposed.

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