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December 9 in freethought history…

December 9, 1905 - The “1905 French law on the Separation of the Churches and State” is passed by the Chamber of Deputies. The law established state secularism, ensuring freedom of religion and the neutrality of the state on religious matters. … Continue reading

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Paris, Oddly Enough (Part 7: French Muslims!)

By some estimates, 10% of France is Muslim.  It’s the second most practiced religion in the country, after Catholicism (which isn’t saying much, I guess, considering how secular French society is overall these days). France’s relationship with Islam is complicated. … Continue reading

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France vs. Islam: Round 1,872

An Islamic woman in France has been turned away from a public swimming pool for trying to take a dip while wearing a “burquini.”  What’s a burquini, you ask?  It’s a non-form-fitting full-body swimsuit which allows Muslim women to go … Continue reading

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