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Podcast #40 – The Galapagos Mountain Boys

We interview Dr. Stephen Baird, frontman for the Galapagos Mountain Boys, a (mostly) bluegrass band based in the San Diego area.  Dr. Baird talks about the term “scientific gospel,” the GMBs’ new album Darwin, Darn It!, and their upcoming gigs celebrating Darwin Day 2009.  For details visit … Continue reading

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Darwin, Darn It!

Get ready for Darwin Day with this nifty CD of “evolutionary” music. Let’s face it: there aren’t that many songs about science.  Ask the average person on the street and they’ll probably come up with “She Blinded Me with Science” … Continue reading

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For the San Diego Darwinists out there…

If you live in the San Diego area, and if you like bluegrass music, The Galapagos Mountain Boys (fronted by Dr. Stephen Baird) are gearing up for their upcoming Darwin Day 2009 concerts.  Imbibe their special brand of “Scientific Gospel” … Continue reading

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