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Podcast #193 – Kicking Open the Closet in Sports

The sports world continues to be rocked by controversy over gay rights. NFL punter Chris Kluwe (who’s straight, for what it’s worth) claims he was let go because of his advocacy for gay rights. (Kluwe is also the author of … Continue reading

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Gay Adoption Victory in Florida

In this crazy win-some-lose-some political season, no other issue has had a more mixed result than gay rights.  Now a Florida judge has ruled the statewide ban on adoption by gay couples is unconstitutional.  Wrap your head around this one: it’s … Continue reading

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“Pray away the gay”? No way!

Yet another reason to wonder about Sarah Palin.  Wasilla Bible Church, Palin’s home church, has a program designed to “pray away the gay.”  I mean, it’s one thing for an informed, consenting adult to submit himself to some church’s de-gay-ifying protocols (which … Continue reading

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