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Podcast #246 – Win Some, Lose Some vs RFRA

So-called Religious Freedom Restorations Acts are meeting with mixed success at the state level. RFRAs are ostensibly about protecting religious freedom, but they’re really just pandering to religious conservatives who want to discriminate against the hated gays (just like Jesus would have). … Continue reading

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Podcast #126 – Matthew Chapman (The Ledge)

We interview Matthew Chapman, writer/director of the new philosophical thriller The Ledge. Starring Charlie Hunnam, Patrick Wilson and Liv Tyler, The Ledge explores a tragic love triangle involving an atheist, an evangelical Christian, and the woman they both love. The … Continue reading

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Georgia may get IGWT license plates

Here we go again.  Georgia has decided it’s time to redesign the state’s license plates, and to help pick the new design, they’re enlisting the help of the online community. They’re posting six designs on a state website for netizens … Continue reading

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Are Georgia peaches kosher?

My adopted state is in the news twice today for laughable church-state issues. First up is an AP report (“Is Ga. kosher law kosher?”) that non-Orthodox Jews have their yarmulkes in a bunch over a Georgia law that mandates kosher … Continue reading

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Snowflakes in July

Well, it’s July 1st, and that means that a whole passel of new laws go into effect here in Georgia, including one that will allow frozen embryos stored in fertility clinics to be adopted.  Since embryos are nothing less than … Continue reading

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Exorcist/child-abuser scot-free in GA

Another perfect example of religion as a cover for insanity and criminal behavior.  Read this article and tell me that, had the mother’s excuse been “I’m performing a ritual in the name of the High Folderol,” or “Instead of taking … Continue reading

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18% of my fellow Georgians are morons

It’s always good advice to take any poll results cum grano salis; still, a DailyKos poll of Georgians (conducted in the aftermath of Texas governor Rick Perry’s stupid grandstanding in which he hinted Texas might be better off seceding) shows … Continue reading

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The Stem Cell Wars have only begun

No sooner does President Barack Obama lift certain restrictions on stem cell research funding, than Georgia Republicans introduce a bill that will restrict such research in my adopted home state.  From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

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More on the GA hijab caper

Here’s more on the incident in Georgia in which a judge held a Muslim woman in contempt for wanting to wear her headscarf in the courtroom.

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Podcast #1 – Introductions

Recorded 11/24/2007.  Hosted by John C. Snider and David Driscoll. Show Notes: Introductions – Who are we and what’s this podcast all about? The Sam Harris “Problem with Atheism” Controversy – Author Sam Harris raised a ruckus with his October … Continue reading

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