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Podcast #89 – World Ends – Miss USA is a Muslim

OMFG and other exaggerations.  The new Miss USA is Rima Fakih, who hails from Dearborn, Michigan by way of Lebanon.  According to Ms. Fakih, her family is not terribly pious–apparently they observe both Muslim and Christian holidays, for example.  But … Continue reading

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Podcast #79 – E-meters for Haiti?

Earthquake-devastated Haiti has become a magnet for kooky, misguided (but perhaps well-intentioned) religious groups.  Scientologist John Travolta (disguised, apparently, as L. Ron Hubbard–see photo at right) has personally flown his private 707 to Haiti, delivering food, medical supplies, and “volunteer … Continue reading

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Podcast #78 – Pat Robertson Is an Evil Moron

Or at least so says Christopher Hitchens, responding to Robertson’s claim that the devastating Haitian earthquake (which may have killed upwards of 200,000 innocent people) was the result of “a deal with the devil” made during the Haitian Revolution in … Continue reading

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Will someone please bitchslap Pat Robertson?

As you’ve probably heard, a massive earthquake has devastated Haiti.  While Haitian authorities and international agencies are still trying to come to grips with the size of the calamity, Pat Robertson is already assigning blame: Way to shoot from the … Continue reading

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