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John McCain’s Legacy

RIP Senator John McCain, who has died after a long battle with brain cancer. There’s no doubt that McCain was a patriot. He lived a life of service, from his time in the US Navy (including 5 1/2 brutal years … Continue reading

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Right America: Feeling Wronged

I know, I know–the election is long over and everybody who voted for John McCain should get over it (and yes, I realize they weren’t so much voting for John McCain as voting for Sarah Palin).  Still, if you really … Continue reading

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Well, now.  Finally Finally FINALLY Campaign 2008 is at an end.  It’s all over but the voting.  We hope.  It doesn’t appear, at this point, that there’ll be any significant shenanigans or electoral squeakers.  And the end result seems like … Continue reading

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Halloween gets scarier all the time…

I guess you have to strike while the iron is hot.  Come next year these get ups would barely raise a brow.  Anyway, a little white hair spray, a couple o’ flag pins and a hockey stick and – voila! – … Continue reading

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Hammerheads for McCain, Unite!

You don’t have to be an idiot to vote for John McCain, but apparently it helps.  Some of these people are truly ig’nant.

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Lincoln-Douglas they ain’t, but…

…we’ll be having three presidential debates (plus one VP debate) between now and election day.  If you can stomach the canned statements, repetitive platitudes and non-confrontational moderators, set your VCRs (does anyone still use VCRs anymore?) and DVRs as follows:

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John McCain Answers Science Debate 2008

Well, he’s only six weeks or so late, but finally Senator John McCain has followed Obama’s example and submitted a write-in response to Science Debate 2008’s 14 questions.  As with Obama, I suspect McCain wasted none of his own time … Continue reading

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Podcast #24 – Saddleback Forum

Saddleback Civil Forum – On August 16, presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain appeared on stage together at Saddleback Church to be questioned by Pastor Rick “Purpose Driven” Warren.  We analyze their performance, especially on matters of church-and-state.  But … Continue reading

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No Science Debate (yet), but…

…Lord knows we’ve haven’t heard enough about the candidates’ religion!  Really, I can’t think of the last time McCain or Obama muttered something about the Savior or their faith-walk.

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Podcast #12 – John McCain

John McCain – We talk about Senator John McCain‘s likely stance on church-state issues.  We also interview Steve Yothment, president of the Atlanta Freethought Society (www.atlantafreethought.org), about AFS’s new permanent facility.  Plus a discussion of Calvin Wayne Inman, a Texas youth … Continue reading

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