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Podcast #126 – Matthew Chapman (The Ledge)

We interview Matthew Chapman, writer/director of the new philosophical thriller The Ledge. Starring Charlie Hunnam, Patrick Wilson and Liv Tyler, The Ledge explores a tragic love triangle involving an atheist, an evangelical Christian, and the woman they both love. The … Continue reading

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Georgia may get IGWT license plates

Here we go again.  Georgia has decided it’s time to redesign the state’s license plates, and to help pick the new design, they’re enlisting the help of the online community. They’re posting six designs on a state website for netizens … Continue reading

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Religious Vanity Plates

I was driving home today and noticed the car in front of me had a plate with “GDSGOOD”–the picture above is terrible, but it’s about as good as I could get without having an accident or giving the guy a … Continue reading

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SC License Plates FAIL

From the Associated Press Published: November 10, 2009 A federal judge ruled that the state cannot issue license plates showing the image of a cross in front of a stained glass window along with the phrase “I Believe.” Judge Cameron … Continue reading

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“I Believe” this might be illegal…

As we discussed in podcast #19, the government of South Carolina decided it was a good idea to print special license plates featuring a Christian cross and the words “I Believe”.  Various and sundry groups sued, and now…

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Podcast #19 – Herb Silverman

South Carolina Approves I Believe License Plates – The SC legislature just approved specialty license plates that include the words “I Believe” along with a Christian cross and a stained glass window.  Florida tried the same trick and failed.  We’ll … Continue reading

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