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Bob Wright on the Behe Brouhaha: Mea Culpa

I know I’ve posted about this a couple of times before, but this onion keeps growing new layers.  Over the weekend, bloggingheads.tv Robert Wright (The Evolution of God) posted a conversation with science journalist George Johnson, in which Wright offers … Continue reading

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More fallout from the Behe bloggingheads.tv brouhaha

How to deal with Creationists and Intelligent Design proponents?  It’s a bit of a Catch-22: one the one hand, unless we consistently, frequently and forcefully confront their nonsense, we might give them free rein to convince the general public that … Continue reading

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The Behe brouhaha at bloggingheads.tv

Boy, what a soap opera this has turned out to be. Late last week, linguist and conservative pundit John McWhorter recorded a segment for bloggingheads.tv (bhTV) with Michael “Irreducible Complexity” Behe.   A credulous–even gushing–McWhorter, who is a self-admitted nonbeliever, … Continue reading

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