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My upcoming presentation to the Atlanta Freethought Society

If you’re going to be in metro Atlanta this Sunday, May 13th, come visit the Atlanta Freethought Society and hear my new presentation, “A Brief History of Muslims in America.” It’s an overview of the Muslim experience in the United … Continue reading

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Can Muslims be assimilated in America? Part 1 of 2

Despite the repeated alarmist cries about homegrown jihadist cells, and warnings that Islam is a “very evil and wicked religion,” (thank you, Franklin Graham) the evidence is that, by and large, Muslims are assimilating into American society and will continue … Continue reading

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1 in 5 think Obama’s a Muslim?

Frankly, I don’t believe the recent Pew Research poll that indicates 1 in 5 Americans believe President Obama is a Muslim.  Sure, there’s some percentage of abjectly ignorant people who think that, but what this poll shows, IMHO, is the … Continue reading

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No god but God

Review by John C. Snider © 2010 To say that Islam has been getting a bad rap these last few years would be a massive understatement.  All religions–all cultures, for that matter–have their ups and downs, and for the last … Continue reading

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Honor killing in Buffalo?

A Muslim broadcaster in New York state has been charged with beheading his estranged wife (the two were going through a divorce).  Ironically, the two founded a television station devoted to countering negative Islamic stereotypes. Naturally, we should not rush … Continue reading

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More on the GA hijab caper

Here’s more on the incident in Georgia in which a judge held a Muslim woman in contempt for wanting to wear her headscarf in the courtroom.

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Just doin’ our hijab, ma’am

Here’s one from the Georgia homefront.  A judge in Douglasville, GA put a woman in jail for trying to enter the courthouse wearing her hijab, or Muslim headscarf.  The judge cited a rule about no headcoverings.  This same judge previously had … Continue reading

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Random House Loses Nerve on Muhammed Novel

Everybody in the West knows by now that Muslims get a bit tetchy when it comes to the Prophet Muhammed.  You can’t draw him, you can’t insult him…you’re even putting your neck out by publishing anything critical of him.  Danish … Continue reading

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