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Podcast #219 – National Prayer Breakfast 2015

President Obama disappoints (again) with his attendance at the “National” Prayer Breakfast, but… his observations on Christianity’s checkered past and comments urging tolerance and humility have conservatives in a snit. Yay. Plus: Now that a federal court has cleared the … Continue reading

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Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast

As expected, the president attended the (so-called “National”) Prayer Breakfast again this year. I know I sound like a broken record when I point this out, but the NPB is sponsored by a group called the Family, a secretive political … Continue reading

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Podcast #116 – Darwin Day vs In God We Trust

We look at two non-binding resolutions currently in the works within the new US House of Representatives: one in support of Darwin Day (February 12th), and another looking to reaffirm “In God We Trust” as the national motto.  Guess which … Continue reading

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Obama disappoints (again) at NPB

The news from Egypt overshadowed everything else today, but… President Obama spoke yet again at the infamous National Prayer Breakfast, the only public event organized by the organization known as “the Family,” a group that seeks to co-opt the American … Continue reading

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Obama disappoints at NPB

It’s disappointing that President Obama would attend the National Prayer Breakfast at all.  The NPB is organized, you may already know, by “the Family”–a secretive and power-hungry cult that attracts congressmen (as well as international totalitarians and fascists) with their … Continue reading

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The Family

Review by John C. Snider © 2009 It is possibly the most influential organization you’ve never heard of.   They observe a fanatical devotion to the person of Jesus Christ, yet they are unrestrained by quaint notions of rule-based morality.  … Continue reading

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