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Dan Courtney delivers secular invocation in Greece, NY

In the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s disastrous Greece v Galloway ruling (which stated that local governments can begin meetings with overtly Christian prayers, and need not seek out minority representation), secular activists have been lining up to “get in … Continue reading

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Podcast #177 – Trouble in Lumpkin County

There’s trouble in Lumpkin County, with a capital T that rhymes with P and that stands for Prayer! At least fifty students and four teachers at Lumpkin County High School (north of Atlanta) ditched class for SIX HOURS to participate … Continue reading

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Roswell City Council prayer revisited

You may recall that several months ago I spoke before the Roswell (Georgia) City Council, urging them to reject a proposal to begin Council meetings with prayer.  This proposal was floated by Councilwoman Betty Price, who happens to be the … Continue reading

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Speaking before the Roswell City Council

As I reported a few days ago, the city council in my adopted city of Roswell, Georgia recently rejected a proposal to begin council meetings with prayer.  The proposal was floated by councilwoman Betty Price (who I have discovered is … Continue reading

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Roswell, GA rejects city council prayer

A local win!  The city council of my adopted city–Roswell, GA–has strongly rejected a proposal to begin council meetings with prayer.  What’s more, council members report that the feedback of their constituents has been overwhelmingly against having prayer.  I could … Continue reading

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Podcast #63 – Efficacy of Prayer

It’s the p-p-p-p-power of prayer!  Or not.  We look at several anecdotes that point toward the efficacy (or inefficacy) of intercessory prayer, including: The tragic cases of two teenage girls (one in TN, one in KY), both of whom suffered … Continue reading

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Are Georgia peaches kosher?

My adopted state is in the news twice today for laughable church-state issues. First up is an AP report (“Is Ga. kosher law kosher?”) that non-Orthodox Jews have their yarmulkes in a bunch over a Georgia law that mandates kosher … Continue reading

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