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March 9 in freethought history…

March 9, 1957 – Biologist, Pharyngula blogger and atheist activist Paul Zachary “PZ” Myers is born in Kent, Washington. Myers has been a lightning rod for controversy: he was criticized for desecrating a Eucharist; he was denied entry to a … Continue reading

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First the Hitch, and now P-Zed?

Say it ain’t so!  The indefatigable PZ Myers has posted that he’s about to undergo (and at this point may already have undergone) heart surgery.  The good news is it sounds like they caught whatever’s ailing him in time.  If … Continue reading

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Mr. Deity and the Science Advisor

More great vids this morning. My favorite online video series and my favorite curmudgeonly blogger–what’s not to love?

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Why can’t Darwin film find a US distributor?

The Sydney Morning Herald has reported that the new film Creation (starring husband-and-wife actors Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly as Charles Darwin and wife Emma Darwin) has failed to find a distributor in the United States.  The film deals with … Continue reading

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Mooney/Kirshenbaum sic Darwin on Dawkins

Chris Mooney and Sheril Kirshenbaum–whose new book Unscientific America beweeps US scientific illiteracy while simultaneously chiding the likes of PZ Myers and Richard Dawkins for their confrontational approach to religion–continue to make their case in a new essay called “In … Continue reading

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Better late than never

Waaay back on May 17th, the LA Times ran an op-ed called “Atheists: No God, no reason, just whining” by someone named Charlotte Allen, described as “the author of ‘The Human Christ: The Search for the Historical Jesus’ and a … Continue reading

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Pharyngulites descend on Creation Museum

Today is D-Day for PZ Myers and his Pharyngulites (hey, that’s a great name for a band!) as they descend en masse on northern Kentucky’s Creation Museum. Myers has been organizing this outing for weeks/months and made no secret about … Continue reading

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Podcast #22 – PZ Myers

PZ Myers – We talk to the University of Minnesota Morris biologist and author of the popular science blog Pharyngula [scienceblogs.com/pharyngula].  Dr. Myers is an atheist whose outspokenness often raises the hackles of fundamentalists.  His recent missives on the controversy … Continue reading

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