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Is it time for all religions to accept evolution?

I’d rather ask the question “Is it time for all religions to go away?” but…this exploration (from the BBC program The Big Questions) of the compatibility of evolution by natural selection with mainstream religion is just about as calm and … Continue reading

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Religion to Go Extinct in Some Countries?

I think not.  But a fella can hope.  A recently presented study indicates that in nine countries organized religion could theoretically disappear. The countries?  Australia, Austria, Canada, the Czech Republic, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Switzerland. Maybe religion … Continue reading

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Religious Vanity Plates

I was driving home today and noticed the car in front of me had a plate with “GDSGOOD”–the picture above is terrible, but it’s about as good as I could get without having an accident or giving the guy a … Continue reading

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Obama Resigns from Church

http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080601/ap_on_el_pr/obama This was inevitable.  I would say it’s about time, but that would imply that Barack Obama spent the last 20 years at Trinity and didn’t know it was a showcase for black-power, white-conspiracy rhetoric.  (Cue Claude Rains shouting “I’m … Continue reading

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Podcast #7 – Religion and Insanity

Religion and Insanity – Recent, tragic cases in the news involving filicide and/or suicide by insane and possibly religiously motivated people (Banita Jacks, John Violette and Marcelle Thibault). – A look back at the sad story of Andrea Yates, who infamously … Continue reading

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