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September 6 in freethought history…

September 6, 1966 – Birth control activist Margaret Sanger dies in Tucson, Arizon, aged 86. Born Margaret Higgins in 1879 to a family of freethinkers, she would work tirelessly for women’s rights, opening the first family planning clinic in the … Continue reading

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Religulous on DVD!

Are you one of the unfortunate souls who missed out on seeing Bill Maher’s documentary Religulous during its limited theatrical run in late 2008?  That’s too bad: Maher’s religion-is-dangerous exposé became the seventh highest grossing documentary of all time, bringing … Continue reading

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Religulous comes to DVD (if not to Jesus)

In case it didn’t play in your local cineplex (or even if it did and you just want to own a copy), you’ll soon have your chance to see comedian/social commentator Bill Maher’s documentary Religulous on DVD!  To be released by Lionsgate on … Continue reading

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Podcast #32 – Potpourri and Feedback

In this episode we throw in a potpourri of items in the news or random events we think our subscribers will find interesting, plus we discuss some interesting listener feedback.

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Maher’s Religulous Approaches $7M

Comedian/pundit Bill Maher’s anti-religion documentary Religulous topped $6.7M at the end of its second weekend of release, expanding from 502 screens to 568.  (For those keeping score, Ben Stein’s creationist apologetic Expelled earned $7.7M in eight weeks on over 1,000 … Continue reading

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Podcast #30 – Religulous

We discuss Religulous, the new documentary starring comedian Bill Maher (best known for his politically-oriented roundtable talk shows Politically Incorrect and Real Time with Bill Maher).  The early box office returns show Religulous making $3.5 million its first weekend on 500 … Continue reading

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TV Comedian Bill Maher hits the big screen October 3rd with a funny but unflinching expose on the nuttiness of religion.

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