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Podcast #139 – War on Christmas Continued

Rick Perry plays the homophobia card in his latest TV ad. Holiday displays in Leesburg, Virginia stir free speech controversy. The co-discoverer of a new earth-like world wants to call it the Christmas Planet. Prosperity gospel preacher Eddie Long’s wife … Continue reading

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Rick Perry is Strong. Bullshit Strong.

Good grief. Rick Perry is losing support among likely Republican voters, polling just ahead of herpes Rick Santorum. What’s a fella to do? Why, play the religion card, of course! Here’s “Strong,” the new TV ad he’s running in Iowa. … Continue reading

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Podcast #130 – The Fundagelical Politics of Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann

The Republican presidential race is in full swing, and fundamental evangelicalism is already playing an important part. We look at the religious views (and actions) of two frontrunners: Texas Governor Rick Perry and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. Specifically, check out Timothy … Continue reading

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Rick Perry’s Pals (courtesy of Rachel Maddow)

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Podcast #124 – A Response to The Response

Texas Governor Rick Perry, whose recent weekend-long Pray for Rain declaration led to Texas’ drought WORSENING while the neighboring states were plagued by Biblical downpours and a spate of deadly tornadoes, is at it again. Now, he’s calling for “The … Continue reading

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