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Podcast #190 – War on Christmas

Not much of a war this year, and if there is one it looks like Christmas is winning. The American Family Association’s “Naughty or Nice” list features far more companies that are Christmas-friendly than not. Sarah Palin has a new … Continue reading

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O’Reilly + Palin + Natl Day of Prayer = My Head Goes All Explody

If there’s a better example of chirpy, blithe, willful ignorance than this conversation self-perpetuating feedback loop between Bill O’Reilly and Sarah Palin, I would love to see it.  O’Reilly interviewed Palin during the recent May 6th observation of the recently-ruled-unconstitutional … Continue reading

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Right America: Feeling Wronged

I know, I know–the election is long over and everybody who voted for John McCain should get over it (and yes, I realize they weren’t so much voting for John McCain as voting for Sarah Palin).  Still, if you really … Continue reading

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Halloween gets scarier all the time…

I guess you have to strike while the iron is hot.  Come next year these get ups would barely raise a brow.  Anyway, a little white hair spray, a couple o’ flag pins and a hockey stick and – voila! – … Continue reading

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More Wasilliness

And you thought Jeremiah Wright was bad.  Check out “Bishop” Thomas Muthee (rhymes with “moosey”).  Visit the website of Word of Faith Church in Kenya and then continue reading here.  This guy makes Wright look like John Shelby Spong.  Lest you doubt his … Continue reading

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Lincoln-Douglas they ain’t, but…

…we’ll be having three presidential debates (plus one VP debate) between now and election day.  If you can stomach the canned statements, repetitive platitudes and non-confrontational moderators, set your VCRs (does anyone still use VCRs anymore?) and DVRs as follows:

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Sam Harris Picks on Sarah Palin…Again

Well, he doesn’t so much pick on her as call a spade a spade.  Sam Harris (The End of Faith, Letter to a Christian Nation) is not only perceptive; he writes brilliantly.  Anyway, here’s his latest essay, “In Defense of … Continue reading

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Podcast #26 – Sarah Palin

First up, what does the selection of Sarah Palin for the Republican presidential ticket mean for the cause of secular government in America? (Spoiler Alert: It won’t be good.) Next, we offer a wrap-up of the extremely successful Skeptics Track … Continue reading

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“Pray away the gay”? No way!

Yet another reason to wonder about Sarah Palin.  Wasilla Bible Church, Palin’s home church, has a program designed to “pray away the gay.”  I mean, it’s one thing for an informed, consenting adult to submit himself to some church’s de-gay-ifying protocols (which … Continue reading

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Is Sarah Palin an Idiot?

Point #1: When abstinence-only education fails, what’s Plan B?  Oh yeah, there’s no Plan B. I have no idea what to make of the rumors floating around that Palin’s fifth child is actually her grandchild.  Whether or not it’s true … Continue reading

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