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Podcast #139 – War on Christmas Continued

Rick Perry plays the homophobia card in his latest TV ad. Holiday displays in Leesburg, Virginia stir free speech controversy. The co-discoverer of a new earth-like world wants to call it the Christmas Planet. Prosperity gospel preacher Eddie Long’s wife … Continue reading

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Podcast #129 – Janet Reitman (Inside Scientology)

We interview Janet Reitman, author of the new book Inside Scientology, an extensive and objective history of the movement launched by sci-fi writer L. Ron Hubbard. Inside Scientology is available in hardcover, unabridged audio, or for Kindle. For more about … Continue reading

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Hubbard’s great grandson speaks

The last book I finished reading was Janet Reitman’s fantastic book Inside Scientology, an objective but unflinching look at the legacy of L. Ron Hubbard. By coincidence, someone pointed me to this video on YouTube. It’s true that Hubbard, either … Continue reading

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Podcast #119 – Paul Haggis vs. the “Church” of Scientology

We discuss “The Apostate, ” the excellent expose written by Lawrence Wright for The New Yorker.  After more than 30 years in the organization, Haggis finally left the Church a) because of their policies toward homosexuals (his daughter among them) … Continue reading

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Podcast #79 – E-meters for Haiti?

Earthquake-devastated Haiti has become a magnet for kooky, misguided (but perhaps well-intentioned) religious groups.  Scientologist John Travolta (disguised, apparently, as L. Ron Hubbard–see photo at right) has personally flown his private 707 to Haiti, delivering food, medical supplies, and “volunteer … Continue reading

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