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Podcast #231 – Arian Foster: NFL Star, Atheist

An ESPN profile of National Football League’s Arian Foster (a running back with the Houston Texans) highlights the fact of his atheism in a sport (and a state) that’s notoriously religious. Meanwhile, evangelical poster-boy Tim Tebow (well known for his history … Continue reading

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July 27 in freethought history…

July 27, 1656 – The Portugese Jewish elders of Amsterdam “excommunicate and expel” Baruch Spinoza from their community for “abominable heresies” (which include equating purposeless Nature with God, denying that Jews are the chosen people, and denying the divine origins of … Continue reading

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Podcast #213 – 10C KO’d in OK

The Republican victories in the 2014 midterms are bad news not just for church-state separation, but also for reason-based policies on climate change and a host of other issues. Meanwhile… A self-proclaimed Satanist has damaged the controversial Ten Commandments monument … Continue reading

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SCOTUS refuses to hear 10C appeal

The Supreme Court has refused to hear the appeal of two Kentucky counties over displays featuring the Ten Commandments. McCreary and Pulaski Counties already lost this battle back in 2005, when the Court ruled that the displays were essentially religious … Continue reading

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Hitchens rewrites the 10C

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Roy Moore running for AL governor

Well, I knew this was coming.  Roy Moore is running for governor of Alabama.  Again.  Aren’t you thrilled?  (I am, kind of, since it will provide endless fodder for the AF podcast…but I don’t envy you, Alabamans.) Moore, you may … Continue reading

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