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Podcast #240 – GOP in Crisis

The Reverend Franklin Graham (prominent Protestant fundamentalist and son of legendary evangelist Billy Graham) says he’s quitting the Republican Party. Why? He says it’s because Republicans aren’t standing on principle. He cites as an example the Republican-dominated US Congress passing a … Continue reading

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Podcast #231 – Arian Foster: NFL Star, Atheist

An ESPN profile of National Football League’s Arian Foster (a running back with the Houston Texans) highlights the fact of his atheism in a sport (and a state) that’s notoriously religious. Meanwhile, evangelical poster-boy Tim Tebow (well known for his history … Continue reading

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Podcast #142 – Jessica Ahlquist victorious in Rhode Island

We look at the aftermath of highschooler Jessica Ahlquist’s First Amendment victory in Rhode Island. After winning a lawsuit to have a prayer banner removed from a public high school, Ms. Ahlquist has received threats and harassment–even local florists refuse to deliver … Continue reading

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Podcast #141 – The Mocking of Tim Tebow

We’d barely shouted “Happy New Year!” when 2012’s first religious controversy reared its ugly head. In this case, Cee Lo Green changed the lyrics to John Lennon’s classic “Imagine” during the NBC broadcast. Tim Tebow has been catching a lot of flak … Continue reading

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Saved by Face Alone?

Here’s Tim Tebow, Heisman Trophy winner and quarterback for the Florida ‘Gators football team, celebrating his recent victory at the Bowl Championship Series National Championship Game.  The BCS ranking system is controversial in and of itself, but another low-level controversy is … Continue reading

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